Ejecting Mass Ejecting Mass Details Ejecting Mass is an ability used to donate mass to Cells. In the browser version of the, the W-Key is the default key to eject mass. Ejecting Mass causes all of your Cells large enough (at least 35 mass) to launch to launch a small lump of mass towards the mouse cursor. This is similar to Splitting. The Ejected Mass acts as a larger Pellets and can be eaten by any Cell large enough. A total of 18 mass is lose per ejection. The mass of the ejected piece is only ~72%; only 13 mass is gained upon consumption.

Ejecting Mass can be used to transfer food between player Cells, donate mass to allies, and used to create more Viruses. Ejected Mass has an angle of spread. Thus, Viruses created may veer off course by ~20 degrees.To lessen the spread,  get closer to the Virus (this may also increase the risk of accidentally consuming it).

Used strategically in team modes, Ejecting Mass can slow down other Cells, help an allied Cell to engulf an enemy, and prevent an allied Cell from being eaten. Likewise, Ejecting Mass can be used to speed up a player’s Cell as a less loss-heavy tactic than Splitting. If Ejected Mass is left alone long enough, it can function as a spawn point for a new player.; entering the game as the same color as the Ejected Mass. Players should keep in mind that any Cell can consume the Ejected Mass. So, it is important to make sure the target Cell is close to the Ejecting Cell.