Microcells Microcells Details Microcells, commonly known as Pellets, are the main way of increasing your Cell‘s mass. Newly spawned pellets are seen as colored blobs. Their shape depends on both their size and player’s zoom of viewing them. Pellets grow over time, increasing size until they reach a mass of 5. When a mass of 5 limit is reached, they gain a thick colored outline, making them more visible to players. Consuming a pellet adds its mass to your Cell‘s own.

Experimental Mode

Within Experimental Mode, pellets have slightly different mechanics. They do not grow in size, to compensate for this, they are randomly produced by Spawner Cells throughout the map. The number of Spawners currently on the map determines the rate at which they are produce. Likewise, the number of Spawners determines the amount of food present on the map already.