Splitting Splitting Details Splitting is an ability used as both offensive and defensive to split the Cell into two equal parts. If in multiple parts, each part splits. Each original Cell remains within its previous location. Losing half of its mass, a new Cell with equal mass is projected from its position in the direction of the mouse cursor. The maximum number of cells a cell can split into is 16.

In the browser version of, Splitting can be performed by pressing the Space Bar. When Splitting, all Cells big enough will send half of their mass in the direction the mouse cursor. To be able to split, a Cell needs to have at least 35 mass.

The split Cell will be able to merge back together after a certain time by steering one into the other. This is generally done by placing the mouse cursor in between the two. The merging Cells do have a cool down, meaning that a certain amount of time must pass before two cells are able to merge once split. The cool down time is calculated as 30 seconds +2.33% of the Cells mass.

Consuming a Virus causes a player’s Cell to gain 100 mass, but forcefully splits it into many smaller Cells, up to the maximum of 16. Usually of equal size, but if too large, it will simply reduce in size with many smaller and equally sized Cell being split off from it. If a player already has 16 Cells, they gain the Virus’s mass without splitting.

Splitting Strategy

One of the most common splitting strategies is to split in order to eat a Cell which would otherwise be too fast to eat. Approximately 3x bigger than your target Cell is the ideal size to perform this strategy. An ideal scenario for this would be a cluster of fairly-sized Cells to throw the split Cell to. The split Cell, unlike a single Cell, must be 33% larger than the Cell it wants to consume. A single cell needs only to be 25% larger.