Virus Virus Details Virus is a green cell used both offensively and defensively. If consumed by a Cell, it pops, sending 15 or less bite-sized bits of the cell in different directions. A Cell can Eject Mass 7 times to fire a Virus, sending another into a Cell. Viruses appear to be large green circles with tiny spikes around their edges. Viruses are commonly used by smaller, weaker Cells to consume larger, more challenging Cells.

Game Modes

In FFA, Teams, and Party Game Modes a Virus grows larger depending upon the amount of Eject Mass you give it.

FFA & Team Mode

A new Virus can be created by a Cell by Ejecting Mass totaling a maximum of 7 blobs. When the Virus is given the 7th blob, it will eject another Virus in the opposite direction of the cell that fed the Virus. This mechanic is often used to attack larger Cells, which would be otherwise impossible to consume. When a cell is in range to give mass to a Virus, it is also in range for the ejected Virus. Ejecting Viruses at other Cells has considerable risk of counterattack. Viruses that are closer to ejection appear swollen and have more spikes.

Experimental Mode

The experimental mode added a twist to the existing normal Virus when a player ejects mass into the Virus. Instead of shooting out another Virus, Ejecting Mass into a Virus causes it to move away from the direction of the ejection. Each ejection makes the virus move 1 to 2 squares on the map, accelerating with faster ejections. This makes the Virus ejections easier to dodge and counter, as well as, forcing Cells to use Viruses they find rather than creating more themselves. This also removes the problem of moving around the original Virus to eat a Cell that you just split with an ejected.